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Hi All,

I think everyone, would like a healthier, simpler and yummier lifestyle. I know I would!

As a wife and mother of two precious but on-the-go toddlers, my life can be quite hectic! I don’t get much sleep, I am constantly on the move, and normally running around from here to there trying to keep everything together. Sometimes, that can be easier said than done.

No matter how busy my life gets, I keep my goal close to heart, and focus on the food that I provide for my family.

My desire to provide healthy, yummy food for my family along with some nagging digestive issues I have personally dealt with for many years has lead me to the rules I live by:

  1. Cook with fresh, natural whole foods
  2. Avoid items at the grocery store with ingredient lists over 5 items (give or take), or mystery ingredients (ie. items I have trouble pronouncing). Pretty much just avoid all processed foods which contain all the yuck!
  3. Avoid low fat or light items and go for the natural full fat version and consume in moderation
  4. Consume recommended amounts of healthy fat. I don’t believe in dieting as it is not sustainable
  5. Most, if not all of my meals are dairy, soy, corn and gluten free
  6. It’s okay to indulge a little. A square of dark chocolate and red wine…yum! and hello antioxidants

Over the past 10 years, I have been collecting and tweaking recipes, creating my own recipes that are fast, simple and delicious as well as learning all that I can on natural, healthy and non allergenic whole foods. I have been working through my digestive issues and healing my body with whole foods and the elimination of allergens.

I believe that a whole diet consisting of fresh ingredients and limiting “allergen” foods in general can greatly help anyone feel and live a happier lifestyle as well as maintain a healthy body weight (never dieting).

I hope through my blog, that I can help people looking for a healthier whole food diet or provide assistance to those who are suffering from digestive issues (as I did for so many years) . I look forward to sharing my posts, advice (what works for me!), recipes, and my love of food and happy life moments.


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