My Kitchen Essentials

I’ll be using this page to keep a list of  the products and food that I use in my day-to-day cooking activities.  Check back often as this page will be updated frequently!

Kitchen Tools and Products

You’ll also want to have these standard kitchen essentials

  • Colander
  • Fine Mesh Strainer
  • Potato Peeler
  • Kettle
  • Stock Pot
  • Salad Spinner
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons (Keep these out at eye level if possible)
  • Prep Bowls are fun if you have the room to store them
  • One Non-Stick Pan (used only for my regular kale omelette, I use stainless steel pans/pots for all other food!

Food Stock

Trying to figure out what to buy and stock your kitchen with each week can be overwhelming.

If you’re (1) new to healthy, clean eating, (2) trying to lower or maintain body weight (3) looking for help creating an allergen friendly kitchen (4)  interested in a Paleo friendly diet (items not paleo friendly marked with *)

This is your list!

Below is a look inside my cupboards, fridge, freezer and on my counter.

This gives you a quick glimpse into my diet…simple whole foods-loads of veggies, fresh fruit, dairy free, soy free, grain free (rice being the exception), beans, legumes, lean meats,  natural nitrate free bacon (my weekend love affair) and seafood.

Pantry Items

  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Organic Seasoning Salt Herbamare 8.80 Ounces
  • Sea Salt
  • Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
  • Cacao
  • Raw Almonds and/or Almond Meal
  • Raw Cashews
  • Large array of Spices (favorites include: Oregano, Basil, Margaram, Paprika, Dill, Cayenne, Chili powder, coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Cinnamon)
  • Hemp Protein Powder*
  • Dried Red Lentils*
  • Brown Rice*
  • Dried Split Peas*
  • Canned Chickpeas, Beans (Pinto, Black, Kidney etc)*
  • Canned Tomatoes
  • Raw Honey
  • 100% Coconut Milk – 8.5 oz packages (6-pack)
    (AROY-D has no additives or perservatives)
  • Shredded Unsweeted Coconut and/or Coconut Flour
  • Natural Banana Chips
  • Seeds and Nuts of choice

Fridge Items

On my counter:

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